Secced Reach Plus 5 Tripod Kit Heavy Duty 44kg Payload Range

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Item includes
   • Secced SC-V25/150RP Fluid Head
   • 2 pcs Secced SC-PB20 Telescopic Pan bar
   • Secced EFP/CF150D Carbon Fiber Tripod Leg (with Floor spreader)
   • 1 Year Warranty

    • Typical Payload Capacity: 0-38.4 kg / 0-84.6 lbs (at 125mm C.O.G. heightCenter of Gravity Height is the distance between the CoG of the fully loaded camera mounted on the fluid head and the top of the fluid head. 
The higher the CoG height is, the lower the fluidhead can be loaded.

    • Maximum Height: 180 cm / 70.8 in
    • Minimum Height: 85 cm / 33.4 in
    • Transport Length: 98 cm / 38.6 in
    • Weight: 13 kg / 28.6 lbs
    • Tripod/Head fitting: ø150 mm integrated ball


The Reach Plus 5 replaces the previous Reach 11 kit, it is Secced's strongest ø150 mm tripod system, a perfect high-end solution for professionals in heavy camcorder configurations:
   • in EFP and HD production environment,
   • for stereoscopic shooting with 3D Rig,
   • for outside broadcast (OB) even in compact studio lens configuration,
   • for studio application even with teleprompter and/or studio lens configuration.

The highly sophisticated operation of Reach Plus5 extends its use to the documentary filmmaking, commercial, drama, feature filmmaking and high quality television production applications.
The maximum payload of the Plus 5 tripod system is 38.4 kgs / 84.6 lbs at a CoG heightCenter of Gravity Height
is the distance between the CoG of the fully loaded camera mounted on the fluid head and the top of the fluid head. The higher the CoG height is, the lower the fluidhead can be loaded.
 of 125mm.

The fluid head (V25/150RP) can be mounted on the heavy-duty tripod with a 150 mm diameter integrated levelling ball. The tripod leg has an exceptional height at full extension and a high payload capacity, its structure is robust and very sturdy: all sections of the three legs have twin-tubes and have an extremely high torsional rigidityTorsional rigidity
The torsional rigidity is a measure of a body's resistance to twist.
The high torsional rigidity is the most important characteristic of professional video tripods. It determinates how resistant the video tripod is to twisting mechanical influences during pan. The adequate torsional rigidity is essential at recording to achieve smooth camera movements.
. Further more the REACH Plus-5 Kit contains also the floor-spreader. The optional mid-spreader and rubber feet allow the use of the tripod kit on the most varied terrains and surfaces.

The V25/150RP head's more refined 8-grade (0+7 steps) drag system makes even the most critical camera works possible for the camera man: ultra-smooth and extremely slow moves, diagonal or along an arc movements using both axes and precision motion tracking. V25/100RP provides a steady, shake-free shot even when long lens is applied. The friction-free technology of the damping system is resistent to extreme temperature conditions.

The counterbalance system has 8 grades, but the head features a balance adjustment lever device designed to duplicate the available counterbalance steps. The fluid head's typical payload capacity ranges from 0 to 38.4 kgs / 0 to 84.6 lbs at 125 mm CoG height. The maximum payload refers to the whole tilt range. Camera balance and attachment to the fluid head is a sideload system (quick relese plate + balance plate) that ensures easy adjustment of the camera balance-pointBalance point
is the vertical projection of CoG of the horizontally levelled camera mounted on the tripod head.
When the sliding plate is adjusted correctly, the balance point of the fully loaded camera is positioned exactly vertically above the head's tilt axis, so the camera is in balance, it does not tilt forwards or backwards.
 even under greater load. The balance plate's sliding range is 120 mm, the levelling bubble is self-illuminated.

The Secced VCT18 tripod adapter (sold separately) is recommended for the Reach11 tripod system, respectively the SC-Dolly100H heavy-duty dolly is recommended in studio application.

See more information about the main components of the Reach-Plus 5 Kit and the applied technology, damping and counterbalance system of the fluid head in the 'System components' and its 'Fluid head' part is licensed by the official North American Secced distributor, Cine Gears Inc., to distribute and provide support for Secced products.

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