Secced Carbon Fiber 100mm Bowl Tripod + mid spreader + 3feet

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  • Item #: Se_100mm_CF_trp
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following items are included

  • Secced Carbon Fiber 100mm Bowl Tripod
  • 100mm heavy duty mid spreader
  • R3 ubber feedt 
  • Floor Spreader

Secced SC-EFP/CF100D (90kg Payload) is a heavy-duty, robust, 2-stage, carbon fiber video tripod with 100mm bowl base. The tripod has a very sturdy construction, all three leg sections have twin-tube design. The EFP/CF-100D tripod is the most robust and the largest payload capacity tripod by Secced with a 100mm base. Kit includes: Secced Carbon Fiber Tripod with 100mm Bowl(SC-EFP/CF100D)   Features: 2-stage carbon fiber construction with 100mm base Extremely high torsion rigidity Fast and easy set-up Exceptional height at full extension Most frequently used clamps and knobs are easily handled with gloves User adjustable brake force of the leg-lock Resistant to extreme weather conditions

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