SFAIMO HLD-8E/12P Mini LED Light
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SFAIMO HLD-8E/12P Mini LED Light

Price: $169.00
  • Compatible battery: 7.2V lithium battery such as Sony F550, F970, FM50 and QM91, ETC.
  • Dimensions: 108mm x 60.8mm x 68mm
  • Mass: 270g - 280g
  • Maximum Brightness: 400 Lux at 1 metre
  • Power: 6.5W - 9W
  • Working environmental temperature: 0℃ to 40℃
  • Item #: DI-SF-00004
  • Condition: New
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- Automatic Luminance detection - Manual control of colour temp and luminance - Integrated Diffusion filter - Universal mount on cameras and stands - Built in quiet fan to reduce over-heating - Improves focusing speed due to even lighting and lack of flicker - Compact and durable design - An intelligent power management system ensures maximum battery usage - SOS Function in case you are in need of emergency assistance

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