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Price: $3,599.00
  • Max capacity: 21-35kg
  • Sliding range-plate: 120mm
  • Tripod fitting: 150mm
  • weight: 7.03kg
  • Item #: DI-SE-00009
  • Condition: New
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The Secced SC-V25/150RP replaces the previous V25/150AH fluid head, it is the strongest ø150mm high-end fluid head of Secced that is a part of the Reach Plus 5 kits. It is ideal in EFP/OB/Studio applications for cameras equipped either with compact box lens or with teleprompter up to a max. load of 38 kg / 83.7 lb (at 125mm CoG height) or for stereoscopic shooting in 3D Rig camera configuration.
  The V25/150RP head's 8-grade (0-7 steps) counterbalance and the more refined 8-grade (0+7 steps) drag system makes even the most critical camera works possible for the operator: ultra-smooth, extremely slow moves, diagonal or along-an-arc movements using both axes and precision motion tracking. The V25/150RP provides a steady, shake-free shot even when long lens or compact box lens is applied.
  The fluid head can be mounted on the tripod bowl with a ø150 mm integrated levelling ball, the head's pan bar rosette is interchangeable, the bubble-level is self-illuminating. The camera plate and the balance plate are somewhat larger than at the V20/100RP, but the sliding range is 120 mm at both fluid heads.
For the SC-V25/150RP tripod head Secced recommends the SC-EFP/CF150D tripod, but it is also compatible with other manufacturers' ø150 mm bowl tripods.

VCT18 Tripod adapter is recommended for this tripod head.






 • Typical Payload Range: 0-38.4 kg / 0-84.6 lb (at 125mm CoG height)
  • Tripod Mounting: integrated ball levelling
  • Ball Diameter: 150 mm
  • Camera Mounting: WP150 camera plate (with 3/8" and 1/4" screw)
  • Balance Plate Sliding Range: 120 mm
  • Counterbalance: 8 grades (0-7 steps) 
  • Drag (Damping): 8 grades,
       horizontal: 0+7 grades
       vertical: 0+7 grades
  • Pan and Tilt Brakes: each axis
  • Tilt Range: -75° to +90°
  • Pan range: 360°
  • Weight: 7.03 kg / 16.1 lbs
  • Illuminated levelling bubble
  • Colour: black
  • Pan bar: SC-PB20 telescopic (2 pcs included)



Item includes



   • Secced SC-V25/150RP (with 2 pcs telescopic pan bars, camera plate and integrated ball) 
   • 1 Year Warranty

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