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Price: $2,499.00
  • Max capacity: 12-25kg
  • Sliding range-plate: 120mm
  • Tripod fitting: 100mm
  • weight: 5.45kg
  • Item #: DI-SE-00005
  • Condition: New
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The Secced SC-V20/100RP replaces the previous SC-V18/100AH and SC-V20/100AH fluid heads. A high-end broadcast fluid head and part of the Reach Plus 4 systems. It is a perfect solution for portable broadcast cameras and camcorders in EFP/HD configuration, besides it is also perfectly suitable in studio even applied with compact studio lens or with teleprompter or for stereoscopic shooting in 3D rig camera configuration up to a max. load of 28 kg / 61.7 lb.  

The V20/100RP head's more refined 8-grade (0-7 steps) counterbalance and 8-grade (0+7 steps) drag system makes even the most critical camera works possible for the operator: ultra-smooth, extremely slow moves or diagonal or along-an-arc movements using both axes and precision motion tracking. The V20/100RP provides a steady, shake-free shot even when long lens is applied.

The fluid head can be mounted on the tripod with a ø100 mm integrated levelling ball, the head's pan bar rosette is interchangeable, the bubble-level is self-illuminating. The sliding range of the wedge plate is 120 mm. VCT18 Tripod adaptor is recommended for this head.




 • Typical Payload Range: 0-27.9 kg / 0-61.5 lb (at C.O.G. heightCenter of Gravity Height
is the distance between the CoG of the fully loaded camera mounted on the fluid head and the top of the fluid head. 
The higher the CoG height is, the lower the fluidhead can be loaded.
  • Tripod Mounting: integrated levelling ball
  • Ball Diameter: 100 mm
  • Camera Fitting: Wedge plate SC-WP100L (with 1/4" and 3/8" screw)
  • Balance Platform Sliding Range: 120 mm
  • Counterbalance: 8 grades (0-7 steps) 
  • Drag (damping): 8 grades, 
       horizontal: 0+7 steps
       vertical: 0+7 steps
  • Pan and Tilt Brakes: yes (each axis)
  • Tilt Range: -75° to +90°
  • Weight: 5.45 kg / 12 lb
  • Illuminated levelling bubble
  • Colour: black
  • Pan bar: SC-PB20 (1 pc included)



Item includes


   • Secced SC-V20/100RP tripod head (with wedge plate and integrated ball)
   • Secced SC-PB20 pan bar 
   • 1 Year Warranty

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