KineMax 6K Raw Cine Camcorder Kit
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KineMax 6K Raw Cine Camcorder Kit

Price: $9,999.00
  • Audio Capture: 48V Phantom Power XLR MIC; In-camera MIC
  • Camera Type: 6K S35mm Film-Style Digital Cinema Camera
  • Dynamic Range: 14 f-stops
  • Lens Mount: Short-FFD KineMount (Sub-PL Mount)
  • LUT: Preset: KineLOG/Kine709/KineColor, Support User-Defined LUT
  • Operating Temp: 0°C to +40°C
  • Power: 7~19V (DC IN); 30/35/45W (Consumption)
  • Record Media: 2.5' SSD with x2 slots
  • Sensor Type: 6K S35mm Format CMOS
  • Shutter Angle: 0.7°~358°
  • Size: 93x117x212 (*Without projections)
  • Sync Function: Tally, AutoSlate, Beeper, Trigger, SMPTE LTC, 3D/Multi-cam Sync
  • Weight: 1.9Kg (*Only Body, no Handgrip, no SSD)
  • Item #: DIYKineMINI6K_001
  • Condition: New
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kinefinity 4K
6K RAW In-Camera KineMAX is capable of Capturing and Recording 6K Uncompressed CinemaDNG and 6K Compressed CinemaDNG, In-Camera, without external recorder. New 6K OLPF is re-designed and optimised for 6K capturing, and also it makes images sharper even just capturing and recording 6K/4K/3K/2K in-camera. 6K RAW capturing and recording leaves very large room for reframing, trimming, and CG, especially for 4K delivery. At same time, it also features capturing and recording 6K, 4K, 3K, 2K, 1080p, 720p in both S35mm frame and crop mode: that means KineMAX can cover from 720p to 6K, every mainstream resolution in one camera. KineMAX may be the most compact and powerful cinema camera for 6K/4K RAW capturing and recording now.

6K details and framing space is beyond imagination, > 18Million pixel in one frame: 9 times of Full HD/1080p, 2.25 times of UHD/3840×2160!




16 f-stops KineMAX employs state-of-art CMOS sensor: 14 f-stops with 12bits output at 6K resolution; amazing 16 f-stops with 14bits output at binning 3K resolution (S35mm framing, in-camera). KineMAX brings you not only maximum details, but also maximum latitude in every frame, at every case. At same time, KineMAX itself supports all kinds of crop modes with the same latitude of 6K: M4/3 framing 4K, S16mm framing 3K.


100fps SLOW-MO KineMAX has the power of capturing Slow-Mo up to 4K 100fps (S35mm frame size). At HiSpeed mode, KineMAX supports 4K Slow-Mo at S35mm framing size,  No cropping, and No limitation on recording time. At same time, M4/3 (Crop mode) 4K up to 50fps, S16mm (Crop Mode) 3K to 60, 2K up to 100fps.  As of undercrank/quick-mo, the lowest fps is down to 6fps under current firmware. You can set any custom sensor fps between lowest and highest fps, the accuracy is 0.001fps.

S35mm KineMAX is a Super35mm sized CMOS sensor camera with outstanding low light performance for UHD use as well as for making DCP for projection in modern digital movie theatres where signal to noise ratio under difficult lighting conditions is very important. In the case of shooting feature motion pictures and commercials with ample lighting, the camera can be used as a normal movie camera would be for the cinematographer take advantage of the camera’s wide exposure latitude and ISO range from to get textures from silky fine gain to gritty as needed.

KineStation  New KineMAX, Free KineStation. KineStation + KineCamera = Kine Hybrid System (KHS) . Kine Hybrid System (KHS) is designed to make frontend capturing and backend processing for high-efficiency post workflow. Kine Cameras as frontend capturing tool as RAW to remain Maximum details and latitude, and KineStation as backend bridge running on PC or MAC to post workflow. KineStation can transcoding Cineform RAW and/or CinemaDNG into Cineform RAW, RGB444, ProRes codecs to match your favourite workflow. The KineStation will integrate more codecs like DPX, H264, H265, and debayer options for different controls from RAW into RGB domain, LUT options for quick output.  

Built-in Cineform RAW  The KineMAX can record the 2K/3K/4K Cineform ™ RAW at real time, online. And KineStation can transcode 6K CinemaDNG into 6K Cineform RAW offline. Cineform RAW is as compressed raw using very high quality wavelet compression: visually lossless, and making work-flow more efficient. The famous films like Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire were acquired by CineForm RAW compression for most images, and also the 127 hours. Cineform codec is cross-platform: run on both MAC and Windows smoothly and efficiently. Nearly all commercial editing tools and grading tools like Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Speedgrade, Resolve, Scratch etc. support Cineform very well.  

KineMOUNT Interchangeable Mount KineMAX uses Short FFD KineMount (Sub PL mount) with mount adapters to support various lens mounts, including standard PL mount, Canon EF mount (Active, Iris-controlled) and Nikon F mount, even OCT-19, B4 mount. If you have a 35mm move camera now you can ask us about having custom adapters made in addition to our stock adapters, and protect your investment in great glass. For those on a budget, other lenses made for DSLR can give good HD or DCP results when used near their prime stop.

CinemaDNG   CinemaDNG ™is frame-based, just like Film. CinemaDNG™ offers maximum image quality and license free archive of your shots as “Digital Negative” that can be processed any way you like and be archived in an “open file format” that can be accessed and supported for all time to come, no matter what happens. CinemaDNG ™ is Adobe ™’s format for saving motion picture digital negatives the digital equivalent of motion picture color negative film (not necessarily the equal in all respects as that depends on the sensor used and how the recorded data is processed, just as the results of movie film depend on how it is processed).

Sport Mode   KineMAX features sport mode which reduces rolling effect greatly, seems like global shutter. KineMAX employs state-of-art CMOS sensor, which is rolling shutter type, then suffers some rolling effect. Sport Mode is designed to alleviate the rolling greatly, and make KineMAX handle quick movement shootings, like handheld, shots on shoulder, documentary style. The footages would be turned into Cineform RGB444 mov after KineStation transcoding. Sport Mode works on 4K/3K/2K/1080p.

Double Record Mode   KineMAX provides much safer recording mode as Double Record Mode in new firmware, since KineMAX has two 2.5′ SSD slots. KineMAX can record same footage into two separate SSDs, then you can get two copies of footage naturally when shooting. Obviously, it is very important and convenient for shooting on critical scenes like film, TV and talk.

3G SDI and HD Digital Diplay  KineMAX outputs monitoring signal as 1080p/720p through two SDI and two HD digital port, so that you can use compatible third-party EVF like Cineroid EVF/Alphatron EVF, small field monitor like SmallHD monitors and broadcast monitor with SDI input like Zunzheng Monitor. For focusing, the camera’s zoom function can be Full/100%/200%, and even 800% to make focusing job easier. The in-camera waveform monitor and zebra can monitor the RAW signal or “look” LUT so that it helps you better exposure and avoid over-exposure.

M4/3 and S16mm  KineMAX can provide Multiple framing options for different lens, because 6K S35mm sensor provide sufficient resolution and framing choice. S35mm framing uses standard PL mounting lens, and DSLR full-frame lens, APS-C lens to recording 6K and binning 3K. M4/3 framing uses M4/3 lens and even B4 lens for 4K or lower resolution. In this S16mm mode, you can use S16mm PL cine lens, even the broadcast B4 mount lens, to shoot in 3K RAW image, with less rolling effect, and overcrank to 60fps@3K RAW. One for All!

LIGHT-WEIGHT AND COMPACT Only 15% longer than KineMINI, while adding extra SSD slots for safe recording, 4K Cineform RAW and 6K CinemaDNG recording, integrated battery plate and compatible with KineKIT for KineMINI. And there are two color options for camera body: Black and Titanium Grey.

KineMAX is not only targeted 4K delivery, but also covers from 1080p to 6K, all resolution capturing weapon from HD to UHD, iMAX. It captures images with maximum resolution, but also maximum latitude up to 16 f-stops. With very compact and lightweight, KineMAX provides maximum flexibility for shooting, with quick interchangeable mounting system for all lens you can imagine. The value and flexibility you get from the KineRAW-S35 lets you put more of your production budget into what goes in front of the camera. It’s a serious film-making tool with real Digital Cinema Camera features at a price within reach.

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