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  • Item #: 7-001
  • Manufacturer: CINEGEARS
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Introducing the all-new Cinegears Hex Adjustable VR 3D Camera Rig System! This highly-innovative compact VR camera rig system is a housing for 3, 4, 6, 8, or (in stereoscopic 3D mode) 6, 8, 12 and maximum 14 cameras working in tandem to provide the highest possible quality VR image capturing support system, recorded by Red, Canon 5D, Sony A7I, Fs5, Blackmagic Design Micro Studio 4K Studio cameras, IOI cameras, or GH4 cameras–depending on the demands of the task at hand.

This fully interchangeable system allows the user to tailor their cameras according to their task, and also offers variability in lens selection, depending on which cameras the user decides to utilize.

Allowing for a variety of camera and lens selections, the user can choose between APA-C, Super 35 and Full frame sencer camera, lens adapter, fish-eye lens or wide angle lens for their VR production. The adaptability of this rig set-up is meant to break away from the proprietary-based arrangements of competitors, instead allowing the user to choose the gear that is tailored best to their demands, whether that be technical specifications, or merely budget constraints.

The Hex VR boasts exceedingly high-end resolution and frame rate capturing capabilities with a minimum of only 6 cameras, drastically lowering the price tag and weight without compromising the quality of the film. In addition to the standard 6 camera mounting system, the Hex supports up to 4 additional cameras (2 top and 2 bottom mounted) to provide horizontal axis perspective maneuverability.

The 6 camera rig is for standard VR rendering and capturing, whereas the 12 camera set-up enables industry-revolutionizing 3D stereoscopic imaging; this customizable variability is achieved through a state-of-the-art mounting system wherein 14 L-shaped brackets are utilized to custom mount a variety of cameras at a variety of angles.

Real-time 3D 360 Video Stitching compatible with the HEX and the Mini HEX.

Hex VR has partnered with Stereo Stitch to provide comprehensive video rendering software that instantaneously stitches together the composite recordings, and working in concert with video transmission and monitoring hardware.
A film crew can greatly maximize their workflow by actively assessing the rendered video, rather than constantly interrupting workflow by transferring and processing data.

No need to wait for the content to be ready, all post–processing such as stitching, colour correction, stereo or 3D generation are completed in a single super fast process.




Hex 360 VR Rig Video

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