Four Way P-Tap Power Splitter With Reverse Surge Protection

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What is Included
  • 1 x Four Way P-Tap Power Splitter With Reverse Surge Protection


  • Reverse surge protection. 


Home theaters and computers are kept safe from inconsistencies in home power supplies by surge-protecting power bars. In the fast-paced world of film making, surge protection is often overlooked at the expense of equipment longevity. The Cinegears team has spent their fair share of time on film set and have first-hand experience with the need for fast access to reliable power sources. As with any gear, batteries are subject to performance degradation from use. During the use of a single charge, batteries out voltage can change dramatically and potentially dangerously.

Don’t risk your gear on unpredictable power; Cinegears’ custom-designed compact power distributor will keep your equipment safe. With 4 power surge protected D-tap outlets, our distributor can keep your whole rig up and running.


Cinegears V-Mount Battery review by Tom Antos

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