Fairburn 3-D Chart

Fairburn 3-D Chart

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Fairburn 3-D Chart

Developed in cooperation with veteran cinematographer B. Sean Fairburn, the new Fairburn 3D has been designed for precise setup and post processing with a range of 3D camera systems.

Some of the featured tools include:

  • Horizontal and vertical alignment (white cross through middle and small crosses)

  • Focus fans in corners (maximum contrast for ease of viewing even in low light)

  • Zoom ring (to see zoom disparity between cameras focal length) line 5 pixels wide

  • 18% gray scale chips (at top of chart on RT and LT)

  • ChromaDuMonde color reference in hexagon shape, matches vector scope orientation

  • RIGHT and LEFT words on white lines used as orientation detectors

  • Arrows up and right also used as orientation detectors

  • Red R and Blue L to show color and eye reference (Red Right eye-Blue Left eye)

  • RED R show image flip or flop orientation

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