DSC Labs The 3D-Z Board

DSC Labs The 3D-Z Board

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3D-Z Test Chart

DSC’s major technological breakthrough over typical test charts is precision and increased dynamic range. In addition to DSC’s patented grayscale and color elements, this chart provides many unique features specific to 3-D.

The 3D-Z combines DSC’s renowned front lit chart technology with a unique retractable convergence marker, illuminated nodal reference points and a complete range of specific tools for accurate 3D rig setup and alignment.

This chart can be invaluable in aligning 3-D camera systems. While everyone has their own methods, here are some basics:

  • Align cameras so that images match exactly for grayscale levels, tracking and color reproduction.
  • Adjust horizontal, vertical and rotational positioning, image size, focus distance, resolution etc.
  • The aim is to match superimposed images as closely as possible, then set interocular and convergence to the particular requirements of the scene.

Shooting a few frames of this chart on the set during production can be invaluable in providing points of reference between
cameras for use in Post.

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