Convergent Design Odyssey SSDs 256GB

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For recording video files on the Odyssey7 or Odyssey7Q, Convergent Design Odyssey SSDs are required. All other SSDs will be rejected by the unit.

They use a standard 2.5” eSata 2.0 interface to connect to a computer for offloading files, not included. Any off-the-shelf adapter will work, or, see also the USB3.0 Adapter.

All Odyssey SSDs are tested to perform to Convergent Design standards.  They will maintain the read/write speeds required for use in Convergent Design devices and do so throughout their product lifespan.  The Odyssey SSDs also contain a power protection circuit so that in event of a power loss during recording the SSDs will close out the current file to prevent corruption of the file or the SSD.


Ultra-Fast & Reliable Solid State Drives

To offer the highest quality and be able to stand behind our products and solutions, we can’t allow other variables, such as off the shelf media, to fail on set.

Off-the-shelf media can act unpredictably and is difficult to certify. From burst length to que depth, there is a bevy of technical considerations taken to ensure sustained read/write speeds and max performance. File closing and wake-up time are also important considerations to keeping your recorder always ready to fire when you are. And of course, lose of power can quickly corrupt media, but Convergent Design Premium SSD media will recover and close clips in the event of power loss.

From rapid wake-up to power protection, Convergent Design 2.5” SSDs don’t miss a frame. Our premium drives have proven reliability.

From burst length to cue depth, there is a bevy of technical considerations taken to ensure maximum performance.

Convergent Design SSDs will recover and close clips in the event of a lost power.


Approximate Record Times: Assuming Quantity One (1) 256GB SSD 

Recording Format 24fps 25fps 30fps 50fps 60fps
Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) (10-Bit compressed 1080p HD) 168 161 145    


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