Cinegears GoPro VR Rig
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Cinegears GoPro VR Rig

Price: $230.00
  • Item #: 7-300
  • Manufacturer: CINEGEARS
  • Condition: New
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Introducing the all new GoPro VR camera rig for GoPro cameras; this revolutionary technology houses 6-strategically placed GoPro cameras, enabling the recording of virtual reality video.
By aligning the GoPros in a way that enables suitable overlap for video stitching, this rig allows you to capture full 360-degree virtual reality video without requiring a ludicrous budget, or the heavy and fragile equipment that other rigs require.

The GoPro VR is just as waterproof and durable as an GoPro, and weighs only 276 grams (without the cameras), easily making it hand-held or mountable during strenuous activity.

Whereas other competitors have similar products composed of plastic, the NAME is constructed from CNC-cut airplane-grade aluminum that has been specially anodized to prevent scratching or corrosion.

Try out this brand-new technology today, and begin capturing immaculate virtual reality recordings immediately with all the ease and comfort of standard GoPros, but with the quality 3D result of a high-budget production studio.

GoPro Not Included*


Description VR Rig
Weight 276 grams
Dimensions 3"x3"x3"
Material Airplane-grade CNC-cut aluminum alloy


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