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Product Highlights

  • A complete wireless follow focus kit featuring our custom design mini rocker controller, a professional quality motor, and all the important basic accessories
  • Wireless signal interference will not occur with this kit, with 133 MHz wireless transmission protocol
  • Easily switch between speed-priority (fastest) and smoothness-priority (eliminates stepping)
  • Save time by going wireless on set while having more control over your shot with built in REC support for all professional cameras and programmable focus stops
  • Professional support in North America with a 3-year warranty from an established North American company


Cinegears Mini Rocker Switch kit; control your focus remotely with a Cinegears Wireless Mini Rocker Switch Controller, and finesse your focus with a Cinegears Standard Wireless Lens Control Motor. Our kits come in our waterproof hard case with foam inserts and all the accessories you will need to use your kit right away.


Control your lens with a single finger with our Wireless Mini Rocker Switch Controller for up to 8 hours of continuous shooting per charge, with a wireless distance of up to 100 meters. Use the LED screen to select from 15 digital speeds, 16 adjustable motor speeds, and 2 focus presets, to pull off the perfect transition every time. Along with the high customizability, in-built REC (start/stop) control make the finger rocker perfect for jib, steady cam, or dolly shots.


Any focus kit is only as good as its motors, which is why the Cinegears standard lens motors are help to strict performance benchmarks for noise, torque, and design. The motors laterally lock on to 19mm and 15mm rail systems, avoiding the need to remove your matte box and other rail accessories. With a built in receiver, remote record, and interchangeable gear heads (m 0.4 to m 1.0), the Cinegears Wireless Standard Motor is ideal for practically any lens setup imaginable. 


1x CINEGEARS Standard Wireless Lens Control  Motor

1 x CINEGEARS Wireless Mini Rocker Controller

1 x 5cm Motor Mounting Brackets(19mm)

1 x Bracket bushing (19mm to 15mm adapter)

2 x Thick Marking Disc Replacement

1 x Steel Gears with Each one of the Motor

1 x Water Proof Production Box with Foam Inserts

1 x Power Tap Converter Cable

1 x Mini USB Cable for Battery Charge

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