Ghost-Eye Wireless Transmitter 700S
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Ghost-Eye Wireless Transmitter 700S

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  • Item #: GE700S
  • Manufacturer: CINEGEARS
  • Condition: New
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Introducing the all-new Cinegears 700s video transmitter and receiver!  This highly versatile technology allows you to transmit and receive video up to 700 meters away on up to three separate smart phones or tablets, enabling the active monitoring of your footage without the need of expensive additional monitoring hardware, or extra technical assistants.  The intuitive ingenuity of the 700s lies in its ability to compress video footage with only a 200 ms latency rate, effectively rendering and transmitting the data into a format compatible with smart phones and tablets nearly instantaneously.


Running off a 3.3V-4.2V Lithium powered battery, the transmitter is reliable and light weight, with a waterproof grade of IP68.  The receiver supports live streaming, picture capturing, recordings and playback, in addition to the ability to live stream footage to up to 3 smart phones simultaneously.   At a combined weight of less than 500 grams (including battery and antenna), the Cinegears 700s video transmitter and receiver is a compact solution to capture, render, transmit, and receive video footage, and the wireless aspect of the technology permits unparalleled mobility on set.  Some applications of this technology include: remote drone recordings, car chase scenes, action scenes n the forest, gimbal car navigation, cable cam recording, capturing pyrotechnic choreography, and remote security camera monitoring.


The ease of use and cross-compatibility of the Cinegears 700s transmitter and receiver makes this set-up an essential tool for independent filming, large scale video productions, and live video broadcasting, and the applications are only limited by the user's imagination.  Try out this exceptional hardware today and discover just how easy remote rendering and transmission of video recordings can become as you seamlessly monitor your footage in real time, greatly optimizing your workflow and technical capabilities on set.



Item Transmitter Receiver
Transmission Power 22dBm \
Modulation Mode OFDM OFDM
Transmission Range Up to 300-700m Up to 300-700m
Latency 200mS 200mS
External Antenna Interference and Impedence RPSMA male, Impedance 50Ω 2x2 MiMO external antenna RPSMA male  50Ωantenna gain 2dBi
Receiver Sensitivity \ ≤ -87dBm
OS Requirement for Handheld Device \ iOS 5.0; Android 4.0
Frequency 5150~5250˴ 5725~5850MHz 5150~5250˴ 5725~5850MHz
Video Bitrate Constant Bitrate 2Mbps \
Resolution 1080P60Hz;720P60HZ \
Basic Functions \ Support live streaming, taking pictures, recording and playback.  Supposts up to 3 smartphone clients live stream footage simultanesouly.
Video Encoding Format H.264 image compression \
Wireless Standard IEEE 802.11n IEEE 802.11n
Operating Voltage 3.3V-4.2V Lithium Battery Powered \
Power Consumption Approx 3W ≤1.5W
Power Supply \ Built in 3.7V Lithium Battery
Operating Hours \ Approx 7

-10°C~+50°C (Operating);

-20~+75°C (Storage)

-10°C~+50°C (Operating)

-20°C~+75°C (Storage)

Weight 310g (including battery and antenna) 178g (including battery and antenna)
Waterproof Grade IP68 \
Dimensions 92mm (W) x 53mm (H) x 21.5mm (D) 90.5mm (W) x 64.5 mm (H) x 21.5mm (D)


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