Ghost – Eye Wireless SDI Video Transmission Kit 900S

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Ghost – Eye Wireless SDI Video Transmission Kit 900S

The Cinegears Ghost-Eye Wireless SDI Video Transmission 900S provide solution for live stream for both Ethernet (LAW) and the Internet with low delay. The transmission system can transmit 1080p 60fps on HDMI or HD/3G-SDI with delay less than 40ms. The wireless coverage is 900m at the line of sight (LOS). The equipment has real time streaming protocol with MPEG-2 TS/UDP streaming. The system can be controlled with web browsers for online control; the full duplex serial interface allows easy control and low learning curve.


Full HD sender (Wireless or Ethernet)

- H.264 (MPEG-4 Parts10: AVC)

- Baseline Profile with level 4.2

- Low delay (40ms), end-to-end (80ms), H.264 engine

- Transport 1080p60 full HD over wireless/Ethernet

- Supports SD/HD/3G-SDI video in/out

- Embedded audio on SD/HD/3G-SDI

- Analog audio channel for separate audio  

Live streaming from CCTV, camera over Internet

- Full HD live streaming server

- RTSP streaming server (RTP/UDP)

- MPEG-2 TS/UDP streaming

- Easy control interface with Web pages

- HD contents over 3G/LTE wireless network  

Save bandwidth cost with multicasting

- No limits on the number of receivers (Ethernet mode)

- Max. 4 for wireless receiver  

Comfortable & Wide coverage over Ethernet/Internet

- LAN/IP: No Limits

- Wireless: up to 900m (2,700 ft) @ LOS

- Small form factor (H x W x D): 155 x 30 x 90 (mm)

- Wide DC input range: 6V ~ 16V  

Interfaces of WiMi6200

Video Interfaces

- SD/HD/3G-SDI input and output: up to 1080p60

- SDI looped out on the transmitter  

Audio Interfaces

- Embedded audio on SDI port

- Analog: Stereo, 48 kHz 16-bit linear PCM

- Jack: Mini stereo phone   Network Interfaces

- 10/100 BASE-TX, cat.5e UTP cable

- IEEE 802.11n draft, 5 GHz - 3G/LTE wireless network

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