Ghost-Eye 15000A
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Ghost-Eye 15000A

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Ghost-Eye 15000A

Take to the skies with the Cinegears  Ghost-Eye 15000A Wireless Video Transmission System; one Ghost-Eye Wireless Video Transmitter 15000A, and one Ghost-Eye Wireless Video Receiver 15000A. With up to 15,000 meters of high fidelity HD video and audio transmission, you can operate completely untethered from your camera.

Send your HD signal via mini-HDMI cable through a 15000A transmitter, and have it received by up to four 15000A receivers! As with all Ghost-Eye units, the 15000A is completely plug-and-play; no need to install any software, just sync your TX and RX and start shooting!


Key Features of 15000A Transmitters and Receivers

– Broadcast HD video and audio up to 15Km (9.3 miles) with <200ms latency

– HDMI input (mini HDMI) and output (standard HDMI)

– Supports up to 1080p/30Hz, or 1080i 60Hz

– Supports multiple channel switching and broadcast mode for 1 transmitter to multiple receivers

– RPSMA socket antennas on both TX and RX, can be replaced with extreme high-gain antenna

– Rapid H.264 encoding

– Working temperature range -10°c – 50°c


Wireless HD Video Transmitter

– Operates on 12V DC power, can be powered by Drone battery


– Weight: <100g


Wireless HD Video Receiver

– Operates on 5V DC power, standard 2-pin Lemo input

– OUTPUT: HDMI (standard)

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